Book Review: Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

So for my first book review, I’m going to go with Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close.  

Girls in White Dresses

I decided to read it because I kept coming across it on all of these lists for ‘Books that Twentysomethings should be reading’.  So I bought it as an E-book to give it a try.  The short story is – I really didn’t like it.  

It took me almost a third of the book to settle on who the main characters actually were.  Now this was probably made worse by the fact that because I bought it as an E-book I couldn’t just glance at the back of the cover to double check names.  Even after I started to realize which characters were going to stick around for the content of the book, I still had a hard time keeping their stories straight.


Each chapter of the book is essentially a little episode with a handful of the characters.  Now there’s a general flow in time from the beginning when they first move to New York City, to the end that is around ten years later.  I just never got a good sense about how the actions and choices the girls made early on had impacts on them later in life.  As I mentioned earlier I had a hard time keeping them straight.


I would have preferred if the book was simply sold as a collection of short stories.  By just calling the girls different names and not trying to connect any of them it would have been easier to go from one to another.  I did really like some of the chapters.  It just tended to pale in comparison to the trouble I had following everything from beginning to end.


So the bottom line is on Goodreads I gave this book 1 star out of 5.  Truth be told I’m probably never going to read it again.



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