Book Review: Arranged by Catherine McKenzie

I have to admit that when I stumbled on this title while looking for some e-books on my library, I got really excited.  So here is my review of Arranged by Catherine McKenzie



The basic idea is that after a bad breakup and a chance accident the main character Anne finds herself at a company that arranges marriages.  Crazy right?…well maybe not completely.  As a generally happy single woman myself, even I have to admit there is something a little appealing about having a professional hand-pick someone to be my husband.  Sure I think almost everyone wants to fall head over heels in love, but it’s an interesting idea.


As we get to know Anne and see her come around to the idea of marrying a total stranger, one of the best surprises of the book is her best friend Sarah.  She is that voice of the reader who thinks that the idea of arranged marriages is crazy.  Whether it’s what Anne imagines her saying or her actual reactions, it’s a great balance to what is a pretty radical idea.


As I said before I was really excited at the idea of this book since it is something totally different.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I’ve never seen a story like this and even with such an unusual premise found the characters to be easy to relate to.  I’m giving it four out of five stars.


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