Some Last Thoughts on the Hunger Games Trilogy (a Book Review Follow-up)

One thing I haven’t mentioned before is that when I make a book review post, it’s within minutes of when I finish the story.  My goal is more about general impressions and highlights than a very detailed review.  I realized today that I have a few more thoughts on the series (particularly things that carry over between the books) and decided to do a follow-up on a couple of them.


In case you haven’t already seen them.  Here are my book reviews on The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay.


As the story progresses, it seems like Katniss has less and less of a say in where things go.  The girl who made the choice at the very beginning to take her sister’s place completely changes who her target is based on the influence of the man she is supposed to kill.  I can imagine there’s an argument that it’s all for Prim and that’s the biggest constant in the character.  It just seems to me that as things keep happening and the rebellion gets bigger, she doesn’t have a great idea of all the details that are going on, and even less say in what is happening.


I said at the end of my Hunger Games review that I was going to hold out before making an opinion on Peeta.  My final opinion is that I hope a lot changed in his relationship with Katniss before he proposed marriage.  Almost everything that happened to him was completely because he had a schoolboy’s crush on the girl who made an impression across the country.  Of course then it’s worth noting that he probably wouldn’t have gotten very far in the first book without her.  This is great in terms of survival but the things that make a Hunger Games victor great, do not make a great girlfriend.  While I can’t quite follow his almost unwavering loyalty to a girl who tends to play with him at best, Peeta is one of the characters I like best.  Even with everything he went through, he keeps a straight moral compass (the part when he’s hijacked doesn’t count).


The last thing I want to talk about is the way I think the series will hold up in the future.  I would rather my future daughter want to go to camp to learn how to use a bow and arrow like Katniss than be like Bella Swan any day of the week.  Now while I’m convinced that no one will still be talking about Twilight when my future daughter would be ready to read, I’m not quite as sure about these stories.  If I had to place a bet I would say it’s not going to be the kind of series that is passed down the way Lord of the Rings is or (I expect) the Harry Potter series will be.  That being said, I get why it’s so popular and can see how it translates well to the big screen.  While it may not stand the test of time, it’s going to be a favorite for a lot of people and that’s more than most series will ever get.




2 thoughts on “Some Last Thoughts on the Hunger Games Trilogy (a Book Review Follow-up)

  1. Harry Potter will definitely be passed down. Though I’m not too sure about The Hunger Games. I like the series myself, but I don’t think I’ll introduce it to my kids. I’ll just leave it to them to pick it up.

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