Book Review: Sugar Rush by Donna Kauffman

After finishing up Game of Thrones I realized I needed what a friend of mine appropriately called a palate-cleanser.  So I went to the library on my way home from work (instead of the usually e-book downloads I’ve been doing) and did something I haven’t done in quite a while…I browsed the shelves.  Maybe once you see the cover you’ll see why it jumped out at me.  So here’s my review of Sugar Rush by Donna Kauffman


Sugar Rush (Cupcake Club, #1)


This is exactly the light, sugary, and predictable chick-lit book you think it’s going to be…and I loved it.  There was just something the main character Leilani and the way she sorts out what she wanted before and what she wants now with her career.  Throw that in with trying to balance her changing relationship with her former boss and it made for a really interesting story.  For what’s a pretty predictable genre, there was something surprisingly different about this story.  I think it might have been how long it took for the two main characters to get on the same page.  


This is the first of four cupcake club stories.  While they set up the next book’s main character pretty nicely, I have no idea where the others will come from.  I usually can pick out at least part of where the rest of a multi-part series is going (I’m looking at you Nora Roberts).  I do know I will be getting a hold of the next story in the near future.  I’m giving this four out of five stars.



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