Book Review: Sweet Stuff by Donna Kauffman

After finishing the first book, Sugar Rush I decided to look into the later ones in e-books and the sequel was already available   I gave it a quick download right then and there, so here is my review of Sweet Stuff by Donna Kauffman.


Sweet Stuff (Cupcake Club, #2)


This sequel didn’t quite live up to the first in my opinion.  When you have a contemporary romance, it only works if you like the main characters.  I just didn’t really like Riley.  We’ve all had bad breakups, and when we find out the whole story I really do feel for her.  It just seemed a little too whiny and then by adding a klutzy factor we’re just supposed to like her.


Easily my favorite part of this book was the dog Brutus.  I am a self-proclaimed dog person.  So it didn’t take much for the giant wrecking ball of a rescue dog to win me over.  He was a great new character and added a lot of fun to the story.


This is a bit of a side rant, and not a reason to love or hate a book, but there’s this thing that Kauffman does (in both of her stories so far) in her first sex scene with the characters.  You have the girl interrupt and say ‘Oh I’m safe I’m on the pill” and then they just keep going.  I mean don’t get me wrong the pill is good thing to be on, but it doesn’t protect you from everything.  I’ve read a few books love scenes that include condoms and it doesn’t mess with the flow of anything.  On the other hand if it’s not mentioned at all I don’t exactly worry about it.  I guess there was just something about how it was done that seemed more awkward than anything else to me.


Even though I didn’t like it as much as the first, it was not a bad story.  I think I’ve had enough sugar for now, but will probably check out the third and fourth stories down the road.  I’m giving it three out of five stars.




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