Book Review: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

I recently noticed that Dan Brown has another Robert Langdon book coming out soon.  While I read the first two in the series back in high school I hadn’t read The Lost Symbol.  So I decided that this might be a good time to give his books another look and start at the beginning.  So here is my review of the first book: Angels & Demons.


Angels & Demons  (Robert Langdon, #1)


Originally I had read the Da Vinci Code first, but remember always saying I liked this one better…now I remember why.  With all of the historical places and artwork, it’s an exciting treasure-hunt with a threat that makes it more thrilling.  Add in some big twists and revelations about the characters in the end and you have a pretty great book.


Now I have no doubt that there are a ton of facts and claims that are fall somewhere between misinterpreted and just plain wrong.  Frankly…I don’t care.  I’m a reader not a historian.  When you’re dealing with a kind of conspiracy book like this, I am much more interested in having the facts add some scandal and interest to the story than be remotely true.  That’s why we put it in the fiction section.


This book is exciting and the kind that keeps you turning pages to see what happens next.  I really enjoy all of the details in the symbolism and history however adjusted they may be for the story.  That’s why I’m giving Angels & Demons four out of five stars.




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