Book Review: The Replacement Wife by Eileen Goudge

A terminal patient wants to make sure her husband and kids are taken care of, and as a matchmaker she’s the most qualified person to find her husband’s next wife.  What could go wrong?  Here’s my review of The Replacement Wife by Eileen Goudge



For such a strange premise, this is a surprisingly realistic story for most of the way through.  I didn’t like all of the choices characters made (some of them I just plain didn’t like) but I could imagine in certain situations one thing leading to another.  I also found Goudge’s writing style smooth and easy to read.


It almost made the last few chapters all the more a disappointment.  It’s as if Goudge remembered that on top of her main story she had other characters to deal with and everyone needed a conclusion.  Adding on top of that very specific time jumps you know that not much time has passed and everything seems too rushed.


While this wasn’t my favorite book, I do want to read more from Eileen Goudge in the future.  It had me turning the pages to see how everything would turn out and in the end ended up tugging on my heartstrings.  I’m giving this three out five stars. 


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