Book Review: Big Girl by Danielle Steel

Have you ever seen a book cover catch your eye and an excerpt that makes you think ‘Hey this will be an interesting read about a difficult topic with a touching ending’?  That what I had wandering around the e-books in the library with Big Girl by Danielle Steel


Big Girl


What I actually got…was something else entirely.  Sure I expected the set up of horrible parents who treat their girls so differently.  Instead I got chapter after chapter of just crushing story.  Harsh comments followed by an unfortunate relationship problem followed by binge eating became the cycle.  The whole ‘one step forward – two steps back’ loop was both not very interesting and pretty depressing.


What I also just didn’t believe was Victoria’s relationship with her sister.  If you’re constantly treated differently than someone else in an unfair way, there is going to be resentment.  So the majority of the time their ‘oh even though we’re basically raised by different people I still love you’ relationship is unrealistic.  Then when you finally get some believable tension near the end, it’s hard because we’re supposed to feel bad for Gracie getting into a questionable marriage.


Overall there was just not much to like about this book.  The very final scene was a satisfying end, but everything leading up to it was pretty bad.  Hard to sell a story about coming into your own and loving yourself for who you are when your big turning point is a nose job (it’s not conforming…it’s taking control!).  Yuck.  I’m giving this one out of five stars.


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