Did Not Finish: National Security by Marc Cameron

As I’ve been trying to read more one way of keeping it cost-effective was really using my library.  One of my favorite things is that my library has an e-book program.  So after downloaded a free app I am able to borrow books.  Then when I’m done (or run out of time for the borrow) they are removed from my tablet.  This is great…except when I end up dragging my feet on reading a book.  That’s what happened with National Security by Marc Cameron.


National Security (Jericho Quinn, #1)


I got a late start after doing the download, so that didn’t exactly help anything.  Truth be told, though, I just wasn’t into the story enough to get through it at my normal reading pace.  I’d get through a couple chapters and then put it down.  This is surprising since it’s a thriller. 


I can’t quite put my finger on why I just wasn’t interested, so maybe this is more about the timing of reading it than the story itself.  I’ll get myself back on the hold list and try again another time.


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