Things I’ve Read: Getting More: How to Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life by Stuart Diamond

While I’m all about books and blogging here, out in the real world I work in a corporate office.  I was actually looking for something more about productivity (think Getting More out of the time you have) but after I had downloaded this and realized it was about negotiation I figured it was still worth a read.  Here are some of my thoughts on Getting More: How to Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life by Stuart Diamond

Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World

This methodology basically boils down to being firm, but not mean or manipulative.  That the polite person who takes the time to put themselves in the other person’s shoes or to point out other standards, will get more of what they want than the person who shouts or tried to be intimidating.  Overall it’s a pretty solid idea.

It’s a pretty wordy book though, not really because of content.  There are just so…many…examples.  I mean the occasional anecdote is a great tool to have, and shows how the reader can do things out in the real world.  It just got a bit repetitive and wasn’t adding value as they just kept piling on.

I also was not very impressed with the public issues and politics.  It just seemed presumptuous and out of line with the rest of the chapters.  Most of the chapters were more relevant, but some of the examples seemed to get into the pushy category.  Trying to negotiate with someone mugging you at gunpoint?  It just seems like a bad idea and I would just deal with getting new id cards.

That being said, I just got off the phone with Verizon a few hours ago.  A couple weeks ago I set up my first contract with them for a bundle deal and a $100 visa card, yesterday I got a flyer in the mail for the same bundle and a $200 gift card.  Since my contract hadn’t started yet I figured it was worth a shot.  Using one of their suggestions about standards and that I’m still a new customer I asked to get bumped up to the higher gift card amount (which wouldn’t be processed until my contract started).  I got the higher gift card and also $10 off my monthly bill with a new bundle deal.  $100 extra and $10 a month for two years? Yeah I think $340 was worth a 15 minute phone call and reading a book.


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