Wanting a Glimpse into a Book’s Future

Have you ever finished a book and wondered ‘Man I would like to just jump ahead a few years and see what happens with these characters’?  I know I have.  Here are a few that I would really like to see what their future looks like.

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

The Twilight Saga Complete Collection (Twilight, #1-4, Bree Tanner)

Without going into an actual review (which I don’t plan on ever doing on this blog), I have read the series.  I thought the first three were an okay guilty pleasure for summer beach reading and absolutely loathed Breaking Dawn.  I would think even the biggest hater has to admit to being curious to seeing the Cullen’s future.  They’re stuck with each other forever (I’m assuming since Jacob ties to Nessie that he’s also going to live forever too?).  So yeah for not the healthiest relationships you’ll ever see…forever is a long time.  I would just love to jump forward a hundred years and see how all of that is going.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice

I think most of Jane Austen’s work would be something that could fit, but Pride and Prejudice is probably the best (also probably the reason there are so many ‘sequels’ out there).  We see a lot of weddings in the story, and of course not all of them are going to be happy.  So I would want to jump forward about ten years and then see what kind of children, balls and (in the case of the Wickhams I’m sure) scandal everyone has.

The Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts

Bride Quartet Boxed Set

The next time I reread these I will be sure to post reviews.  It’s probably my favorite series by Nora Roberts because I love the business side of it as much (if not more) than the romances themselves.  Four friends run a successful (and growing) wedding business.  The entire series takes place over a year and I would really like to jump ahead 3-5 years.  It would get past the weddings to how the quartet have settled into married life and how much Vows has grown and changed.

What are some books you would like to see the future in?  Also I know this is a little different from my usual book review posts so even if you don’t have any ideas let me know what you think.


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