Blogging and Social Media: Expanding is Hard

I’ll start by saying is that this blog is not a personal diary.  I’m not writing just to get thoughts down so much as wanted to connect to other people and generally be heard.  It sounds a little egotistical…but I’m sure that’s how 97.5% of bloggers are.

One of the best ways to get out there more is through social media.  Since I’ve already got first drafts of book reviews scheduled through September 18th, I figured this is a good time for me to stop and invest some time into branching out more in social media.  I’m by no means an expert on this, but what I’ve learned so far…expanding is hard.

Since this blog is hosted on wordpress, it’s great in the sense that the overwhelming majority of my followers found me here.  On the other hand things have been seriously hit or miss in trying to connect with other things using buttons or badges.  If it already can be found in the widgets section…it’s a piece of cake.  If it’s up to me and putting code in the text box…that’s always taken at least a few tries.

In terms of other social media I’m probably the most active on Twitter.  It’s easy and fast and a great way to be in touch with other people I connect with.  I will occasionally post links to my own reviews, but more often be just chatting about odds and ends I’m thinking about (or what I’m drinking) and retweeting things I find interesting.

As a book blogger I also have to mention Goodreads.  This has been seriously helpful in terms of staying organized with what I’m currently reading and is a great source for getting more information on books I’m thinking about reading (although I will admit I do not use the TBR list as I should).  There are communities and other more social things that I have not really gotten into yet, but should really consider in the future.

My big adventure this weekend has been Google +.  I figured it’s probably one of the better places to find new people.  While it hasn’t really taken off like some other platforms have, Google does own a solid chunk of my soul and I really feel like I should give it a chance.

Once I feel more comfortable with all of my current bases I feel like the next big adventure will have to be Facebook.  I don’t want to overstretch myself…what good is getting into different platforms if I just get overwhelmed and don’t use any of them.  I just think that covering more ground is a great way to get connected to more people.

What do you think about networking and branding your blog on social media?  Are there any places that I haven’t mentioned on this list?  Do you think it’s just too much time and effort?  Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Blogging and Social Media: Expanding is Hard

  1. I find myself sticking to twitter more too. I think it’s just easier to talk to people because you can just jump in a convo with a group of people easily. And twitter parties using a # are always fun ways to meet new friends. I have a google+ that I use for live hangouts but I’ve never used it for my blog as a social media platform. I didn’t know people really used it, but i”ll have to check that out. Great post!

    • Yeah there is a Book Review community on Google+ that I’ve been sharing posts in. It doesn’t compare to wordpress or events like bout of books, but I have gotten new followers and page views from there. So it’s certainly worth considering!

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