Book Review: The Bride and the Beast by Teresa Medeiros

As I have gotten into the home stretch of Bout of Books I wanted something light and quick to read after The Hobbit.  I had stumbled on this ebook so figured it would be a good try.  Here is my review of The Bride and the Beast by Teresa Medeiros.

The Bride and the Beast (Fairy Tales, #2)

You can tell right away that this is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  It just takes place in Scotland and the beast is more specifically a dragon.  I was able to figure out who the Dragon actually was up front, but I thought once the reveal came (which is sooner than I would have expected) it was done in an interested way and opened up a more original story.

What was really frustrating was just about everything else.  I almost want to say it was a great idea that was just poorly written.  There were just a lot of things that if in much smaller doses I would have let slide, but they just kept coming up without adding any real value to the story.

  • Gwendolyn’s sisters are pretty easy (actually apparently all of the women in the town are and it’s just no big deal).  While important for why she was chosen to be the sacrifice, it kept coming up to the point of slut-shaming.  I guess that was meant to make our heroine look better but it just didn’t sit well with me.
  • Also Gwendolyn is not thin like her sisters.  Her size is mentioned at least once every six pages or so, and every other mention of her size actually says fat.  So because she’s the only one in town with any brains and is still a virgin she needed to have some flaw?  That’s what we came up with?

I wanted to like this book.  There were some great ideas in what is a pretty predictable story.  I just kept getting tripped up by little bits and pieces that were just bad.  I give it two out of five stars.


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