Book Review: The Elite by Kiera Cass

As soon as I finished reading The Selection I got myself on the list with the library for The Elite.  Almost two months later I finally got to the top of the waiting list.  Here is my review of The Elite by Kiera Cass.

The Elite (The Selection, #2)

As the story continues my favorite part has to be the relationship between all of the girls.  After an interesting turn of events for Marlee we got to know Kriss more and as the stakes kept getting higher so did all of the drama.  Particularly as we start to see (through America’s eyes) the cracks in the politics of Illea, it’s a strange comparison for her to be worrying about who the prince is kissing.

That being said I hated the love triangle.  In general when there is too much emphasis put on them I don’t think it works.  For this in particularly America just seemed indecisive which isn’t exactly an attractive quality in a heroine.  I think there could have been enough conflict in who-I-was vs who-I-am-becoming without having her just kiss whichever guy was closest.

Overall I liked it.  I got through it in one evening, but don’t feel like I have to go out and buy it.  I will however be keeping an eye out for my library’s waiting list for The One when it comes out next year.  I give it three out of five stars.


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