Book Review: Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

Have you ever read something that was just not going well and you’ve almost completely written off…just to be surprised in a great way in the end?  That is exactly how I felt here.  Here is my review of Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan.

Sweet Tooth

I was first drawn to borrowing this book from the synopsis.  A story about espionage and the Cold War sounded like something that was interesting and exciting.  As I got started though it was just…complicated.  Places and characters were just coming and going in Serena’s story.  None of it felt super important and I was just waiting for the story to begin.

Once we met Tom I was able to feel like ‘this is the story that is supposed to be happening’ but it was still a difficult read.  What was a real hard thing for me was when Serena started reading one of his stories.  It was almost never clear that we were gotten into a story within the main story so it always threw me off balance.

That being said the ending blew me away.  I mean it’s probably not shocking in a story about a spy who falls in love with her mark that in the end the truth will come out.  It’s just how it was done and then everything tied up together that really impressed me.  Even though most of the book I just didn’t like, the ending bumped it up a point…I give it two out of five stars.


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