Book Review: Party Naked by Mari Carr

When you’re reading a book that is first in a series called Cocktales, you pretty much know what you’re going to get.  Here is my review of Party Naked by Mari Carr.

Party Naked (Cocktales, #1)

This is a fast and slightly raunchy read.  While the idea of four friends (this is the first book out of four so I bet each girl gets their turn for some fun) running a business that is one part bar and one part bookstore is really interesting, it just doesn’t get much time.  With such a short story overall and more than one sex scene, there’s just no time for it.

As much as I would love to go hang out in Books an Brew (seriously does this exist on the East Coast…because I am all for it) I just found the actual plot of  the story to be a bit week.  I’d be open to reading more of the stories if I can get the ebooks for free, but don’t imagine spending money on them.  I give it two out of five stars.


One thought on “Book Review: Party Naked by Mari Carr

  1. I also think bookstore + bar is a great idea, so i’m sorry to hear it didn’t get more air time! As it, it seems to me like this could just be an author trying to lure in bookworms by making her characters own a bookstore.

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