Book Review: Shaken by J. A. Konrath

As I mentioned in my review of Dirty Martini it was just a matter of time until I picked up more of Jack Daniel’s story.  This is the 7th story that features Jack Daniels and leads up to the finale in Stirred.  Here is my review of Shaken by J. A. Konrath.

Shaken (Jack Daniels Mystery, #7)

This story real breaks out into three time periods.  Twenty one years earlier when Jack is first starting out, three years earlier when they figure out who the serial killer Mr. K is and in the present day when Jack is captured.  I liked seeing the characters at these different time periods and how it all fit together in the end.  It was just difficult (particularly in the very beginning when the reader is trying to get their bearings in the story) to keep jumping between them so quickly.

My biggest complaint though is probably the ending for the story that is in the present day.  I understand wanting to set up for an exciting finale, but getting to that point pretty much screamed ‘Dues ex machina’.  The parts of the story in the past wrap up much better, and I am very interested to see what happens next.  I give it three out of five stars.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Shaken by J. A. Konrath

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  2. She actually marries into the name. It’s funny because in the part of the story where she’s just starting out she even says something along the lines of ‘How can I marry this guy and make my name Jack Daniels?’

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