Book Review: Desert Places by Blake Crouch

After reading Stirred it was really just a matter of time until I looked into some of the other character’s stories.  I was interested in seeing where the villain I found in the very end came from.  Here is my review of Desert Places by Blake Crouch.

Desert Places (Andrew Z. Thomas/Luther Kite Series - Book 1)

Now with my experience with Stirred and J.A. Konraths other books, I figured this was going to be a bit violent.  It’s meant to be a horror story and I get that.  There was just not really much of a silver lining to give any relief to it.  In the Jack Daniels stories you got characters cracking jokes even as the shit hit the fan.  Plus you knew that they were good people who felt like they were doing the right thing the whole way through.

This is really a story of survival.  Yeah Andrew is a good guy who this shouldn’t have happened to and I can’t imagine how anyone else would have handled it.  It just wasn’t a fun story.  I didn’t enjoy reading it.  It was pretty much too dark for my taste.

It was very interesting to see where things started when I know how things end in Stirred.  I will probably run around and find other reviews to fill in some of the blanks between this story and the end, but I really don’t want to read any more.  It’s not that I thing it’s a bad book, I just didn’t like it.  That’s why I give it one out of five stars.


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