Book Review: Chill Run by Russell Brooks

Imagine a self-published author who just wants to boost his sales.  In this day when half the battle in writing is about getting noticed, I can imagine someone going after a publicity stunt.  That’s why I had to give this a try.  Here is my review of Chill Run by Russell Brooks.

Chill Run (A Suspense Mystery Thriller) - Russell Brooks

Given how this book is described as a thriller, I was underwhelmed with the actual action part of the story.  The pacing was slow to start with and then a lot was thrown at you in the end.  It wasn’t all that memorable.  When push came to shove I wasn’t all that interested in figuring things out.

What’s interesting on the other side of things is I did really care about the characters.  I wanted Eddie to sort things out with his family and for his friends to have their own happy ending.  I got really involved with them and their stories.

When I started this I was expecting a thriller that would draw me in beginning to end.  I would have much rather skipped the murder mystery part altogether.  If the story just focused on Eddie and his friends and family I would have liked it a lot better.  The way it was I would say it was just okay.  That’s why I give it two out of five stars.

Note: I was given a free copy of this for the purpose of reviewing.  The opinions given are completely my own.


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