Book Review: Charmed by Nora Roberts

A while ago I read the first two books in the Donovan Legacy.  I finally found them listed on my library and got around to borrowing the next one.  Here is my review of Charmed by Nora Roberts.

Charmed (The Donovans, #3)

We finally get the story of the third Donovan cousin Anastasia.  She meets a hot widower and his precocious little girl.  I certainly don’t mind having a single father for the love interest, but there’s something strange about Ana’s interactions with the girl.  I get that we want her to develop a relationship with both the father and daughter, but the first thoughts that came to my mind were ‘stranger danger’.  Thankfully as time passes their relationship becomes more normal.

I always thought the strength of the other stories was the whole big family we get in the Donovans.  What’s nice about this being the third story is we get to see more what has happened to the characters we got to know before.  It adds to what would be a okay story, but still isn’t really great.  I give it two out of five stars.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Charmed by Nora Roberts

    • I try…I find Nora Roberts to be one of the harder authors to review. Some of her books are among my favorites and others are just …meh. What’s surprising here (the fourth and final book’s review should be posted on Thursday) is that this series is probably the least consistent I’ve read so far. It starts solid and then just kind of crumbles. So long rambling reply short…thanks for reading 🙂

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