Book Review: Enchanted by Nora Roberts

I wasn’t sure how the series could continue after the end of the last book Charmed.  In all honesty I think the series should have ended there.  This is my review of Enchanted by Nora Roberts.

Enchanted (Donovans, #4)

Even though this book is described as another part of the Donovan legacy, it isn’t until near the end that we see characters that we are familiar with.  Maybe it’s just such a thrown together ‘oh we’re totally family even though we never talked about you’ or just adding more random children that was just more of a disappointment than anything else.

In terms of our new characters they’re barely okay.  A couple of enjoyable interactions but overall not the greatest love story.  It is a bit one-sided of a relationship in terms of power.  Seeing Rowan grow into being more independent and finding her heritage was nice, it just didn’t blend well with the relationship.

This book really seems to be a bit like a made-for-tv sequel.  A bit of a cheap knock-off it was really a bit of a disappointment.  I give it one out of five stars.


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