Book Review: The Key Trilogy by Nora Roberts

I’ve read books by Nora Roberts before.  I think it was during a Bout of Books twitter chat that I got the idea to add this one to the list.  Here is my review of The Key Trilogy by Nora Roberts.

Nora Roberts Key Trilogy - Nora Roberts

This is a trilogy but with the way the quest is set up it really feels like one more epic story.  We start out with three very different women who are brought together for one purpose.  They each need to find their own key to complete the quest and find that their own destiny ties to that of three men.  Of course things tie back to romance, but what’s great is that it’s just one part of the story.

What is really memorable about this is all of the different pieces.  You have three women who not only need to stand on their own to finally get their key, but they also grow together as a group.  The idea of coming together for a business is a great one and I think really adds to the story as a way for them to build relationships and a future that is not based on who they’re going to marry or a magical quest.

I’m going to have to pick up a copy of these to keep.  It’s a great story with a blend of magic, romance and girl power.  I give it five out of five stars.


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