Book Review: Vision in White by Nora Roberts

You know that series that you know is going to make you feel good and sometimes you just want to go back and reread it for the warm and fuzzy feelings?  That’s how I feel about Nora Robert’s Bride Quartet.  Here is my review of the first book Vision in White by Nora Roberts.

Vision In White (Bride Quartet, Book 1) - Nora Roberts

We are introduced to four women who are friends and business partners.  They work together in a high end wedding company called Vows with each girl having their own specialty.  I’m a sucker for a romance with a solid other story (in this case Vows).  With all of the different events they are hosting we get a lot of other sub-plots that make this much more than just another contemporary romance.

This first story is about Mac who is the photographer.  I will admit I’ve always had the hardest time connecting with her and Carter.  It’s not that I dislike them, they just don’t quite hit me the same way the other couples will.    It’s still a great start to a series I really like.  I give it three out of five stars.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Vision in White by Nora Roberts

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