Winter 2014 Mini-Bloggiesta

I’ve had my eye on this for the last couple, but finally it’s synced up with my schedule.  So this is the first Bloggiesta I’m going to participate in!

PageLines- bloggiestalogo.gif

In terms of the reviews I write I’m already caught up with my current reading.  What I really want to do is update some of my static pages.  Here is my to-do list for next weekend.  Also if you guys have any suggestions let me know…after all you are the ones who are regularly checking out my blog.

To-Do List

  • The Full List – This is not nearly as organized as it should be.  Haven’t decided if I want to break things out into smaller groups like year or just overhaul the list itself to be more manageable.
  • My Review Policy – I was suprised by my first review request, so I know of threw this together pretty quickly.
  • Contact Me – I don’t have everywhere I’m posting listed.
  • Tags – I have tried to do better with tags (particularly for series) but I think I should probably go back and add more to my old reviews (like author).

The Finish Line

I hit everything on my To-Do List and then some.  I participated in the Branding Challenge and also in the Twitter Chat.  I certainly spent a lot of time on my blog and easily it was the most time spent without….you know blogging.  But man did my blog need it.  I have every intention of being back in March.  I already have an idea of what my next big goal might be


9 thoughts on “Winter 2014 Mini-Bloggiesta

  1. I don’t have next weekend completely free, plus I’m coming down with a cold, but I signed up anyway. (Getting my excuses lined up early.) Good luck with your list! One of the things I love about Bloggiesta is finding out about book blogs I haven’t visited before.

  2. I’m constantly updating the tags on my posts. It always seems like such a good idea until I realise I have a ton of posts that need updating! I should probably look over my review policy too, I haven’t touched that page in so long. Great list, and good luck with your goals!

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