Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: The B-Word: Branding

Not easing into the challenges over at Bloggiesta now are we?  Although truth be told I really want to take a good hard look at my blog and make some big improvements.  So here are to my answers to some of the harder questions in On-a-Book-Bender’s Challenge.

Your name:

1. How well does your blog name reflect what your blog is about?

Ugh…not very well.  When I picked I am Sam Tule I was thinking that I wanted it to be bits and pieces of everything.  What I ended up deciding to do is keep this with the book reviews and have a (often ignored) spinoff blog Sam Tule Writes.

2. Create a tagline.

“Reader turned Blogger and maybe future author”  Yeah this should probably be added to my to-do list since this is really just where I do my blogging on Book Reviews.

3. Look at the name you use to leave comments. Change it to reflect your brand. For example, “Amanda @ On a Book Bender” is more recognizable than just “Amanda.”

Now this I do correctly.  When given the option to put in my name (as opposed to just the usual wordpress account) I will always do Sam @ I am Sam Tule.

Your appearance:

1. Do you have the same profile picture on all social networks (including your blog)? If no, consider updating your profile pictures so they match.

Yes I am consistent in all of my social networks and here on wordpress.

2. Is the picture of you or an avatar? If no to both, consider getting one.

Nope.  It’s a picture of some grass.  I wanted to play off tule.  The only thing I’m more worried about than my own privacy is copyright infringement…so it’s a picture from my backyard when I really needed to cut the grass 😛

Your personality:

1. What do people expect from YOUR blog? (If you don’t know, write what you WANT to be known for.)

I have no idea what people expect of me.  I can’t ever predict which of my posts will get the most traffic/feedback.  I think what I want to be known for is for trying all kind of books.  I don’t want to please one group of people all the time and instead have a more eclectic group of reviews.


#1. Look at your Twitter timeline. What’s the ratio between interacting with people and self-promoting tweets? (Eyeball it.)

I would say 50% my tweets are not so much self-promoting as little random thoughts (usually about what I’m reading).  25% are posts on my reviews that are done automatically on BookLikes.  Then the other 25% is either being involved in Twitter chats for events and randomly interacting with other people.

#2. Write a social media update about your latest post (or your latest FAVORITE post) that teases and gives people a reason to click through.

This is from my post on Google + Book Reviews Community: “A fresh perspective on a familiar story.  Here is my review of The Boleyn Bride by Brandy Purdy”.  It’s not my best tease, but I that is usually where I end up trying to really get those click throughs.


3 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: The B-Word: Branding

  1. I’d do something like this:

    “The Boleyn Bride by Brandy Purdy is a fresh perspective on a familiar story. Here’s how.”

    I tend to zone out every time I see, “Here’s my review” because my brain automatically thinks, “I can just see that in my feed reader later when I have time.” And adding “my review” instantly says “self-promotion.”

    If you want to keep the grass theme and you’re comfortable with it, take a selfie in the grass. Done! 😉

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