Some Last Thoughts on the Divergent Series (a Book Review Follow Up)

I’ve been doing these book review follow ups on some of the major series I’ve reviewed.  In case you missed them here are my reviews on DivergentInsurgent and Allegiant.

So the first thing I wanted to talk about that isn’t super relevant to a book review but I actually tweeted about first.  I’m a bit of a data nerd so as I was reading Divergent when they were talking about why people transferred factions all I could wonder is what kind of person would do that.  I mean we get reasons for a lot of the main characters, but I was thinking on a much larger scale.  It’s probably the most best was to compare nature and nurture in a society like that.  So imagine my surprise when we come around to Allegiant and find out that they had been tracking it.  I know we can’t really see all of the details when the author has a story to tell, but it was nice to see.

Another thing I hadn’t really spend much time talking about was Tris and Four’s relationship.  It came a little out of nowhere for me (aside from the nature of a book like this to involve some kind of relationship for the main character).  Once it got going though I have to admit I liked it a lot.  They relied on each other a lot, but neither of them let the relationship define who they are and the choices they made.  I think we tend to see girl-meets-guy, girl-always-takes-into-consideration-what-guy-thinks, things happen, girl-and-guy-react-togther.  Sure the distrust between the two of them kept coming up more than it probably needed too, but I liked them both so much better for it.  They were strong individuals who cared a lot about each other.

Finally I think my one of my favorite things about this series was the importance of consequences.  Aside from the very end (which is one of the reasons I was so frustrated with how some things wrapped up) when things happened the people involved needed to face those consequences from then on out.  Particularly when you’re dealing with choices that resulted in big events, it was great to see that for better or worse they mattered.  Whether it was good characters making bad choices, bad characters making good choices or any other combination…it all mattered.

To wrap things up. I’m glad I read the series.  I’ll probably go check out the movie when it comes out.  I think it has a lot of potential on screen and I certainly would like to see the characters I came to care about brought to life.  Overall I give the series three out of five stars.


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