Book Review: Cress by Marissa Meyer

I was getting really excited about the big story for this series and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.  This is my review of Cress by Marissa Meyer.

Cress (Lunar Chronicles) - Marissa Meyer

One thing that Marissa does really really well is have characters that are very familiar with there original fairy tales, but done in a completely new way.  Cress is a naive dreamer like you would expect for a girl who’s locked away for so many years.  Making her a hacker is a fun trait that gives her a useful place with the other characters we’ve already gotten to know.

My biggest complaint was the pacing of the book.  We started great and things really slowed down for awhile.  Then everything started pulling together and get really exciting…and of course then it’s over.  Even in the slower section there were parts I really liked, it just didn’t have the same consistency I liked in Scarlet.

I’m sulking right now…I have to wait another year until we see everything wrap up in the finale Winter.  I think this series is at it’s best when all of the characters from these different stories come together and interact.  I’m expecting pretty great things.  As for this book I liked it, but didn’t love it.  I give it three out of five stars.


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