Book Review: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

What a disappointing end to a series.  Here is my review of Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.

Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices) - Cassandra Clare

My biggest complaint in Clockwork Prince was the love triangle…and this just took it to a whole new level.  Aside from throwing of the pacing as we are leading up to the final showdown, then we get a never ending series of epilogue style chapters…and then an actual epilogue.  In trying to piece everything together and give all three a happy ending, it was just more annoying than anything else for me.

Going back to the final showdown, I liked it.  I wish there was more to it.  The mystery of Tessa’s birth and the way they won in the end was exciting and interesting.  If the author had taken out 80% of the romance and pulled the last two books together to just be one big adventure…it really would have been something good.  I’m also wondering if some of the stretched out ending was setting up characters/places in City of Bones.  I haven’t read that so I wouldn’t know, but if that is the case I would feel much better about the whole thing.

I just can’t rate a book well when I liked a couple chapters, but most of it seemed dragged out and unnecessary.  I am probably going to pass on reading City of Bones and that series just because I’m not interested in more cliche YA angsty-romance.  I give this one out of five stars.


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