Book Review: A Brewing Storm by Richard Castle

I’ve seen a couple episodes of the TV show, so when I saw this availible to download from the library it caught my eye.  Here is my review of A Brewing Storm by Richard Castle.

A Brewing Storm - Richard Castle

Once I realized this was more of a novella and the first in a trilogy I figured it was going to be more of a starting point than have a satisfying ending.  That being said I still found the ending to be a bit disappointing.  The part of the mystery that is explained is really a ‘surprise here is a ton of information you had no way of knowing’.  I get that we shouldn’t see all of the pieces before it wraps up, but this left a lot to be desired.

I was also surprised at how little I knew about how it would wrap up given the fact that we get random commentary interrupting the active part of the story.  Flashbacks or Storm’s internal monologue are dropped in these italicized paragraphs.  I’m not sure what would have been a better way to get that information across (particularly considering how short the story is) but I found it to be distracting.

The characters were not completely fleshed out, but had their interesting points.  There’s potential but I don’t know if I want to keep reading when I felt so ‘meh’ about this story overall.  It was a really fast read that was just okay.  I give it two out of five stars.


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