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Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: The B-Word: Branding

Not easing into the challenges over at Bloggiesta now are we?  Although truth be told I really want to take a good hard look at my blog and make some big improvements.  So here are to my answers to some of the harder questions in On-a-Book-Bender’s Challenge. Your name: 1. How well does your blog name reflect what … Continue reading

Winter 2014 Mini-Bloggiesta

I’ve had my eye on this for the last couple, but finally it’s synced up with my schedule.  So this is the first Bloggiesta I’m going to participate in! In terms of the reviews I write I’m already caught up with my current reading.  What I really want to do is update some of my … Continue reading

Blogging and Social Media: Expanding is Hard

I’ll start by saying is that this blog is not a personal diary.  I’m not writing just to get thoughts down so much as wanted to connect to other people and generally be heard.  It sounds a little egotistical…but I’m sure that’s how 97.5% of bloggers are. One of the best ways to get out … Continue reading

Liebster Award: Who me?

Yay first award for the blog!  I was super surprised to get nominated for the Libster Award by both Katie at Doing Dewey and Emma at A Wordless Blogger.  When I first got the notifications there was some dancing around the kitchen.  So thanks so much ladies!!     Rules Recipients of the Liebster Award … Continue reading

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I’m trying expand my blogging network so today I’ve been looking into ways to get connected.  Right now I’m looking at Blogloving.  Do you guys have any suggestions about others that are wordpress friendly?

The Full List of Book Reviews (so far)

As I’ve been looking around at some of the other book review blogs here on wordpress, I’m starting to come to the conclusion that I am not the greatest when it comes to tags.  I thought about going back and putting some more in, but wasn’t sure for exactly how helpful that would be in … Continue reading

Checking In 4/13/13

Hey everyone,   I just wanted to say hi and let those of you who have started following me know that I haven’t completely vanished.  It’s been a fun mix of things getting a little busier in the real world, and trying to coordinate with my friend who was lending me my latest read.  It … Continue reading

Did Not Finish

So I was hoping I was always going to finish the books I picked up with the intention of reviewing, but I just don’t think that is going to happen.  I kept going back and forth about what I wanted to do with this blog and my plans on reading books in general.  I would … Continue reading

I am Sam Tule

Well that’s mostly right.  For my jump into the literary world I’ve decided to go with a pen name.  It’s partially to keep things separate from my corporate job and people who will listen just because they know me.  The other reason really about focus.  I want to focus on the books I like to … Continue reading