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Book Review: The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon

We are so dependent on technology, you have to wonder what the future of words will be.  Imagine people taking advantage of this situation to influence the general public and make a profit.  That’s the idea behind this story and why I just had to read it.  Here is my review of The Word Exchange … Continue reading

Book Review: Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

Have you ever read something that was just not going well and you’ve almost completely written off…just to be surprised in a great way in the end?  That is exactly how I felt here.  Here is my review of Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan. I was first drawn to borrowing this book from the synopsis. … Continue reading

Book Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

While I read the rest of Dan Brown’s book a few years back, this was my first time reading The Lost Symbol.  I had heard pretty consistently that it was the weakest out of the Robert Langdom books, so I tried to adjust my expectations accordingly.  Here’s my review of The Lost Symbol by Dan … Continue reading

Book Review: The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

While I’m doing the Robert Langdon series in the right order this time around, this was actually the first book I had ever read by Dan Brown.  I heard that the Catholic Church didn’t want people to read it…so that was enough for me to bite.  It’s been a while but I still remember the big … Continue reading

Book Review: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

I recently noticed that Dan Brown has another Robert Langdon book coming out soon.  While I read the first two in the series back in high school I hadn’t read The Lost Symbol.  So I decided that this might be a good time to give his books another look and start at the beginning.  So … Continue reading