Review Policy

I will consider requests to review ebooks.  At this point I am not interested in receiving any print books.  Please consider the following before sending me a request.

  • I will only provide an honest opinion about the books I read.  If I do not like a book I am going to say so.  I always try to keep any negative opinions specific to the story and do not want to bash any authors.  But if you want a guaranteed four of five star review I just won’t promise that.
  • If you want a certain timeline for when the review will be posted please say so when making the request.  In general I have a schedule planned, and if I will need to make any adjustments I want to know that up front when making a decision.

If I do accept your request here are a couple things to keep in mind.

  • I will say at the end of  the review that I received a copy for free in order to review it, but will also say that everything is my honest opinion.
  • I usually post the review here on my blog with links back here in other locations (Google+, Goodreads, Booklikes and Twitter).  If you would like for me to post the content of the review in other locations, just let me know.

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