Book Review: Captivated and Entranced by Nora Roberts

I’m a little bummed…I started with this review and thought I posted it before moving on to The Art of Racing in the Rain, but it turns out it didn’t stick.  So here is attempt #2.

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but since I’m not back from vacation I should have a couple reviews in the next day or so.  So my next review is a duo of two stories by Nora Roberts: Captivated and Entranced.

Captivated & Entranced

At this point I’ve now read a handful of Nora Roberts books.  In general I find them to be pretty hit or miss depending on how much I like the characters in the main romance.  But I found this one sale and decided it was worth a try since the last trilogy I read by her that involved a bit of magic I liked overall.

Now imagine my surprise when I open the book and find out there were three Donovan cousins.  So I was the proud owner of two parts of what appears to be a trilogy.  Now after looking into things further there appears to be a fourth book that was written a few years later.  This is still more of a publishing complaint than anything else, but in general I prefer to know when I pick something up if there is going to be more to a series.

So to the actual book reviews.  I thought that both did a good job of having separate stories, but blending together as part of a bigger series.  I found the relationship in Captivated to be more interesting, but liked the overall storyline of Entranced better.

Overall I liked these two books and will be adding the other two Charmed and Enchanted to my “Things to Read” list.  I’m giving both books four out of five stars.


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